D-Lay Pro - Stereo Modulated Delayer/Pingpong.

Selectable Delayer, Mudulator, Pingpong.
Length, feedback, high & low damping.
Stereo modulation speed, stereowide, level.
Dry/wet mixer.
Master gain.
Rates: Beat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32.
Syncs to host.

D-Lay - Stereo Modulated Delayer.

Length, feedback, high & low damping.
Stereo modulation speed, stereowide, level.
Dry/wet mixer.
Master gain.
Rates: Beat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32.
Syncs to host.
Mystical, magical audio enhancer.
Gtr FX Bundle.
Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Tremolo effects.
Digital precision and Analog soft attack, and fadeout's on every playback.
Fade makes loud volume mixing, and mastering so much more pleasant.
Auto Gain Control.
Automatic gain control is a circuit found on some electronic devices that automatically controls the gain of a signal.
Using AGC means that weaker signals receive more gain and stronger signals receive less gain or none at all.
Clarity 1.0. 
MS Parallel Clarity processor, brings life into your mix.
Turns all audio to mono below the crossover frequency, for better low handling in a full mix.
For stereo use only.
Stereo Reverb Unit.
Two version: mono to stereo, stereo to stereo.
* Full Bypass.
* Plate, Room and Reverb types.
* Send, decay, mix, smooth and width controls.
* LP, hp, size, damp, predelay
and modulation controls.
* 15 presets.
* Tooltips.
PP-Delay - Stereo pingpong delayer.

Left/right lenght.
High/low damping.
Dry/wet mixer.
Seperate left/right panner.
Units: Beat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.
Sync to host.
For stereo use only.
SESAM Noisegate 1.4.

* Input/gate meters/leds.
* Detection level presets.
* Detector frequency filter.
* Attack speed.
* Hold speed.
* Release speed.
* Dim level presets.
* Manual mute.
* Output gain.
* For stereo/mono use.
Tape Reel-2-Reel Emulation.

* Full Bypass. * Tape gain.
* Output gain. * Crosstalk.
* Analog noise. * Tooltips
Tube Amp simulation with adjustable clipping hardness,
bias, and power supply regulation.
With clipping distortion.
Stereo/mono input selector.
Sciter 1.0
Mid/Side enhancer.

Mid signal Low Exciter with frequency selector.
Side signal High Exciter with frequency selector.
Unique Deharsh processor on Mid signal.
MS Parallel Stereo Widener with Zero Width Freq.
Excite II 1.2
Modeled after a famous hardware unit.

Low exciter with frequency selector.
High exciter with frequency selector.
MS Parallel Clarity processor.
Output gain.
VST Clock Bundle.
VST Clock bundle are 3 plugins that shows you the current time and date.
With clock 3 you can toggle the display between time or date (click on time or date to switch).
AutoMute 1.0
AutoMute is an VST plugin that is useful for auto-muting effects like reverbs,
when playback is paused/stopped from your DAW's transport state.
It returns to on when playback has been started.
This is usefull in a vocal recording situation when you need to talk to the singer.
Reverb example: Insert AutoMute on the track/bus before your Reverb plugin.
Press the stop button on your DAW to mute the Reverb and the play button to pass.
Green led flashes when play has engaged, red led indicates when your DAW has stopped playback
and the signal will not pass to the Reverb plugin.
You can also bypass the whole plugin.

* Input meters. * Bypass. * Open/Closed leds. * For stereo/mono use.
Sesam 1.2 Vocal Gate
* Input/gate meters. * Detection level presets. * Detector filters. * Release presets. * Mute presets. * Manual mute. * Output gain slider. * For stereo/mono use.
VocRider 1.5
Based on the Diy Vocalrider workflow from SOSbut instead of 3 auxes it uses only one.
The sidechain detector has a special buildin EQ, the low frequencies of a bass sound are unlikely to mask
a vocal as much as an electric guitar with lots of energy in the very 1-5kHz range that's most important
to vocal intelligibility, which means that EQ'ing the Expander's detector signal to reduce low frequencies
and increase the 1-5kHz range can help improve the subjective musicality of the automatic level-riding.

* Bypass. * Meters on/off. * Ride enhance knob. * Output level knob.
* Input, processing, ride and sidechain meters. * Auto input/sidechain detectors.
* Selectable sidechain source: audio/fixed oscillator. * 2-bands equalizer.
* Deharsh processor with Stereo/Mid/Side modes.
* Vocal Gate with Release-speed and Mute options. * Ride automation output.
DeHarsh 1.8
DeHarsh removes unpleasant frequencies from your mixes
and seperate instrument tracks.
Can operate on stereo, mid or side channels in your stereo mix
with use of a subtile tube emulation.
Frequency setting and Q, 6 presets, selectable mono or stereo inputs processing
DeHarsh smoothes out any digital harshness!
Bring back life to a heavy clipped audiofile.
Revolutionary way to recover transients and lost peaks.

Bypass button.
Postgain (neg/pos).
Three peak restore algos.
In, recover and out meters.
For mono and stereo usage.
Realtime processing or offline.
Mid-Side Signal Processor 1.3.

T-Clone v1.2.

Clone up to 10 voices, for a thick vocalsound.
T-Bazzz v1.1.

Make you bass standout in the mix.

Note: all plugins are 32bit, and for Windows platform only.

If you using a 64 bit host we recommend you to use JBridge.

Tip: run your DAW as Administrator if you got problems with the plugins!